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Daily Candy

1.5.2012 - New York Times
The NY Times interviewed several customers and a photographer followed a couple through their entire workshop. Don't miss the slide show with photos of our New York Shop! The print version ran on the front page of the Style Section on Jan 8th.

9.11.2011 - San Francisco Chronicle
The SF Chronicle interviewed a couple that made wedding rings with Adam in San Francisco. Don't miss the slide show!

5.19.2011 - USA Weekend
Sam Abbay is interviewed regarding practical tips for designing custom wedding rings.

5.17.2011 - Weddings
A blog about one customer's experience making a sapphire engagement ring in my shop. Thank you Merideth!

4.23.2011 - Huffington Post
Rockstar writer Travis Donovan made an eco-engagement ring with Sam Abbay in our New York shop and wrote this awesome article! Don't forget to post comments!

8.19.2010 - Gizmodo
The popular tech site, infamous for buying the stolen iPhone 4, picked up one of our New York customers' blogs to use on their site. His blog was also listed on Make.

5.1.2009 - Passport Magazine
New York Wedding Ring is recommended as a New York City and San Francisco travel destination by this gay travel magazine.

1.24.2009 - Toolmonger
Podcast includes interview with the Popular Science customer regarding his engagement ring experience. Interview begins 15min into podcast.

1.23.2009 - Popular Science
A New York Wedding Ring customer tells his experience constructing a platinum engagement ring for his then girlfriend, now wife as of May 2010.

4.23.2008 - Daily Candy, SF
Our bullion coin rings and San Francisco website had front-row center seats in this year's SF spring wedding guide.

2.5.2008 - Brides
Our mokume gane and bullion rings are featured in the Spring 2008 issues of Brides New York and Brides Northern California. The story is not featured online.

11.19.2007 - Newsweek
Our New York location is featured in the November 19th Issue of Newsweek on the second page of the Enterprise section! Or just read it online.

10.16.2007 - New York Weddings
New York Magazine's bi-annual New York Weddings magazine features New York Wedding Ring in their jeweler directory. This is a great wedding magazine - I have copies in my shop you are welcome to browse.