Wedding Ring Workshop Testimonials
made their own two-tone wedding rings made their own fingerprint wedding rings and solitaire engagement ring
Here are a few customers' comments!

"Overall our experience will stay with us for a lifetime and this was also an opportunity of a lifetime to create these meaningful symbols of our relationship. We will always remember when we look at our rings that WE had made them! We are truly thankful that we both had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful experience!"

-Tyler & Julie        

"The day was great - relaxed and stress-free. Sam helped us through every step, and when we needed help, he would jump in. Making our own rings means so much more to us than anything store-bought. We are so glad we found Sam and recommend him to anyone interested regardless of skill level. Thanks again!"

-Allegra & Dave        

"My experience working in this jewelry workshop was exceptional. Every step of this process was interesting and exciting to me. . . from picking out the metals to buffing up a mirror-y shine. The anecdotes both jewelry related and otherwise were funny and informative. The process was clear and accessible and tools were beautiful. I walked in the studio having never worked with metal before in my life but with a clear vision of my desired pieces and left with exactly what I had carried in my mind's eye. That is an amazing testament to the quality of the instruction and the studio space."

-Lari & Andy        

"My fiancée and I had a lot of fun making two wedding bands and an engagement ring. We didn't really know what to expect when we saw the box of raw materials that we had ordered (it didn't look like it would amount to much at the time), but we were excited to watch things take shape through the day. We couldn't be happier with our rings; we got just what we wanted, and we made them ourselves! Sam was very helpful, fixing our mistakes, and teaching us how to avoid others. He is extraordinarily patient! When we talked to Sam about the materials we wanted to use, he told us the metals would be a bit hard to work with, but encouraged us to make the rings we wanted, out of the materials we wanted, and with the setting we wanted. With his support, we did just that, and we love them!"

-John & Kirsten        

UPDATE: "It's been four and a half years since we made our rings in your SF workshop (Thanksgiving '05) - my engagement ring is the princess diamond ring [that used to be] pictured on your website. We love our rings! They turned out better than we had imagined and are a unique and beautiful symbol of our love and teamwork. I still receive compliments on them. Thank you for suggesting palladium for the wedding bands. The white white of palladium next the dark white of the platinum engagement ring is a real neat and subtle play of light. Recently a good friend got engaged and booked a workshop at your SF site. For fun I was revisiting your website. The pictures reminded me just how cool of a time we had with you. I would love to do it again sometime! Thank you!"

-John & Kirsten         

"Adam was really wonderful and a lot of fun to work with. I think I may have discovered something I would enjoy doing if software engineering work becomes too stressful :)"


"My fiancee and I just made our wedding bands in Adam's workshop on Valencia St.
Great experience, awesome looking rings. Adam is incredible-- there is not possible better partner to be working with. He's a gifted teacher and has the patience of a rock.

I have only told a few friends that we did this and they are
1) flabbergasted at the notion that it is possible
2) want to make a date to do it-- and some aren't even dating right now

From your web site, I would not have known how awesome the experience would be, nor the impact it had on both me and my fiancee."


"Sam helped me to make my engagement ring and I didn't really know what to expect having never even thought of making jewelry before. I told him my idea and he lead me though the process step by step, from buying the materials to completion of the ring. He told me how to do it with examples and brief demonstrations, but essentially, I made the ring myself. At the end of the day I had made a beautiful ring!"



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