$900 - Wedding or Engagement Ring Workshop
Fee covers labor for the first day of class to fabricate a pair of
wedding rings or an engagement ring. Price does not include
precious metal, gemstones, sales tax, or additional hourly fees.
Please see below for more info.
flat white gold simple bands
$90 - Hourly Additional Time
Many custom rings take longer than one day, depending on
your design. After the initial 8-hour workshop, we bill hourly
so that you don't have to book an entire second day to finish.
We will guesstimate how long each workshop will take so that
you can plan for cost.
bezel set solitiare engagement ring
Additional Costs

Precious Metals

The cost of your precious metal depends entirely on your design, as well as the daily spot prices. Platinum usually ranges from $1000 - $2000 for a pair of wedding rings, and $300 - $700 for engagement rings. Gold usually ranges from $700 - $1400 for wedding rings and $200 - $400 for engagement rings. We can give you a rough estimate of what your precious metal will cost.

Diamonds & Gemstones

Most engagement rings contain center stones. It is easier for us to source diamonds and gemstones for our clients, but do not require that gemstones be purchased through us. We are delighted to use family gemstones when possible. Diamonds prices range heavily, so please call for pricing.